Treatments Available

 Treatments Available

 Joy  offers  a range of  gentle, yet beneficial techniques. 

Bowen Therapy:  A subtle, safe and relaxing remedial technique suitable for all ages and many conditions.

Cost:  £35  (Oxley Sports Centre Members: £25)

Reflexology:An ancient technique that is most commonly performed on the feet, by stimulating the nervous system at specific points to assist restore balance in the whole body.  

Facial Reflexology has a similar effect by using various areas on the face – a subtle, gentle and extremely relaxing session.

Or why not try Hot Stone Reflexology (using basalt volcanic stones to soothe and warm legs and feet) – a deeply relaxing treatment).

Cost:  £35   (Oxley Sports Centre Members: £25)

Full Body Massage:  For relaxation, to ease muscle tension,  for general well-being and as an aid for stress relief.  Massage of the muscles may increase circulation; smooth out muscle fibre; assist the removal of lactic acid build up; aid joint mobilisation and reduce joint tension.  Gentle and relaxing.

Cost:  £35  (Oxley Sports Centre Members: £25)

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage (including face and scalp) :   Gentle and relaxing – great to take some ‘time out’ during the day to revitalise.  Very relaxing
Hot Stone Back Massage : The heat from the stones reaches deeper layers through the skin – the ultimate in therapeutic pampering!

Cost:  £25  (Oxley Sports Centre Members: £17)

Natural Facial Massage   Combining elements of  Indian and Acupressure techniques to gently stimulate, uplift and refresh the skin.  Relaxing, yet invigorating and energising.

Cost: £35  (Oxley Sports Centre Members: £25)

 Prices effective from 1st September 2016

 Gift Vouchers Available  by post or via Oxley Sports Centre Reception